If this doesn’t motivate you… Part 2!

There is a part 2 to this

So as the work day progressed, my excitement for Joe’s accomplishment didn’t fade. We kept talking and talking about what he had just done. Every time a new person would walk into our department, I being his “Hype man” would greet them and someway, somehow swing the conversation into what Joe just did… to me it just didn’t get old.

While at my desk, taking care of my graphic design tasks of the day, the usual texts of “workout today?” started flooding my phone, this usually happens around 10am. Honestly, knowing Joe had just ran 22 miles in to work, I didn’t even want to bother asking him if he was going to work out.

I was really excited to workout.. I planned a real butt kicking for whoever showed up. I started getting ready to make it to the usual 11:30 am meet time for our workout, and as I headed out the door, all I heard from Joe’s office was ” I’m coming! ” I was like “what?! He’s insane!” Because only I knew what I had planned for the day.

I get to the usual meet spot for our workouts, which is on a backstreet that runs alongside the property of our work facility, and I notice there is Garrett waiting for us, which is fine, I figure sometimes the smaller the group, the harder and faster we can go… and no, thats not what she said..LOL. This photo is funny to me because Garrett is asking what we are gonna do and is wondering why i’m telling him to leave his water bottle…


He kept asking me what we were going to do, I finally told him so he complied.

So this is what we did…

We ran to a local park which is exactly 1.05 miles away, not far, but we did have a good pace going…



I felt good during the run, we got to the park in 7ish minutes, we all seemed to be doing fine…except for the wind and cold, which I felt bad for Garrett because he was wearing a cut off shirt, but i was confident that he was going to warm up…


I know my legs are pretty ripped! LOL

Once we got to the park, with no rest between we proceeded to BEARCRAWL 175 yards (yes i measured it) across the entire length the field,


annnnnnd 175 yards back!

This is looking too easy for Garrett! (But I do remember him yelling “I hate you Rodney!”)


The next pic is me on the way back..I look like I’m dying! LOL


And here’s the “Hero” of the day..remember, this guy JUST ran 22 miles, then ran another, and now is BEARCRAWLING!


The bearcrawls really weren’t as bad as it looks, considering the fact we ran a mile at a pretty good pace before doing them, I only recall us stopping in the middle of the bearcrawls twice (for about 20 seconds), and that was 350 yards worth of bearcrawls! So yay us! LOL


Once done with the Bearcrawling, we did 20 push ups which isn’t hard, but after bearcrawling, our arms were pretty burnt!


Once we were all done with the push ups, we made our way back…this time the run wasn’t as fast as the first one! For me, I was toast, but I couldn’t stop, I made the workout for crying out loud, I can’t quit on my own workout! haha




We finally make it back to the meet spot, stretched, shook hands and went back to work…well of course after washing up!

Workout of the day:

1.05 Mile Run

350 yards Bearcrawl

20 Push ups

1.05 Mile Run

Time: 25 minutes


JOE’s Total for the day:

22 miles of running

1.05 Mile Run

350 yards Bearcrawl

20 Push ups

1.05 Mile Run

Time: 4 hours 25 minutes


If this doesn’t motivate you…NOTHING will.

This is JOE,

photo 4

Graphic Designer by trade…sits in the office right next to mine, great guy, great friend.

He was talking about running 22 Miles in from home to work, and honestly, I didn’t doubt one bit that he could do it, but of course my own logic and experience and things i’ve read on proper training and preparation had me a tad nervous of the whole thing.

On our commute home, we talked about it a bit more and then just started talking about other things. When he dropped me off, he told me he’d text me at 3 am if he was actually going to do it, if not, he would meet me at our meet spot for our commute.

I had a hint that he was going to do it, the guy was listening to an ultra-runners’ podcast all day, so i knew he was pumped to do it! So knowing that the probability of him doing this run was pretty certain, I had a sudden urge to create this you can’t beat this crew blog and have Joe be the first post of the craziness we as a group, and individuals put on ourselves in the name of fitness and exercise.

By the way, the most Joe has ran in the recent past is 6 miles and that was more than a month ago!

After going to sleep a tad past midnight, cuz it took me alllll night to create this blog (i literally have no experience with this stuff) I set my alarm at the usual 5:45 am to hopefully get on the bike trainer. I have to admit, as passionate about fitness that i am i was spent, (long day at work, 2 workouts i had during the day, and then staying up to do the blog) I started working deals with myself to not wake up and exercise the next morning.

5:45 am my alarm goes off, i hit the snooze button not feeling like getting up to workout. Finally at 6 am I look at my phone, a text from Joe… I look at the time of the text 3 am,  saying “I’m departing soon, call me at 7 am to check up on me.” I was hyped and said to myself  “Whoa! okay thats it, i’m motivated, if he’s out there in 35 degree weather running 22 miles, i can jump on the bike trainer, in my heated home, watching the news while i spin!”

The bike ride i did didn’t seem at all as “EPIC” and exciting as Joe’s run, in fact the whole time i was riding, all i can think of is Joe, where he is, how he must be feeling and the excitement i had that i knew in an hour or so i was going to drive into the office and celebrate this great feat of his.

On my way to work i get a text… It’s Joe, he tells me he made it!

So i asked him how it all went down so here it goes…

Joe woke up at 3am got ready, ate a little oatmeal because he (which i am notorious in doing) exploded his oatmeal in the microwave, so he was limited to a couple spoonfulls of it.

3:50 am he left his house In Redondo Beach. When he left the house he said it was 35 degrees and obviously dark and went on this adventure while most of us were sound asleep.

By 5 am he was in my Area Harbor City where he took the pic below


5:45 am Joe already crossed 4 cities: Redondo Beach, Torrance, Harbor City, and Carson where he ran the stretch of the BP plant, which in my opinion takes courage. Considering it was still dark out, the street that goes along the plant is a long, dimly lit and straight out creepy road. All you see for a mile and a half is road in front of you a brick wall to the left and right and the refinery with all it’s monotonous noise on the other side of both walls. You literally have nowhere to go but straight and not look back!


Finally leaving Carson and crossing over the bridge that goes over the 710 freeway Joe is now in Long Beach

710 freeway

6am with the sun barely creeping out, Joe arrives in a place in Long Beach known as Signal Hill

signal hill 2

7 am i finally get off the bike trainer and remember to call Joe to check up on him. He’s sounding good, comfortable and confident. He goes on to tell me that he is now at the Coyote Diagnal and thus far his only mishap is that his banana has morphed into banana pudding in his jersey back pocket and he is literally scooping it out to eat it. We have a good laugh and Joe continues his run. This excited me because at that point, I knew he was roughly 5 miles away and I knew that he was close to reaching his goal.

The last picture Joe took before he met his goal is El Dorado Park which is literally the “home stretch” for him


I continue my daily duties which includes helping my wife get our 3 kids up, dressed, fed and dropped off to school by 8 am.

As i’m driving, i get a text from Joe, it reads “I arrived at 7:50 am on the dot.” I’m totally excited to hear the great news. As i’m walking my kids to the gate of their school i get another text from Joe asking me to get him a watermelon because he was starving… so i laugh, respond to the text and jump in the car to get to the market before heading in to the office.

As i arrive to work, I’m excited to celebrate and hear of this great feat of his over some soup (i ate the soup) and some watermelon.

When I finally see Joe, he is stretching, we talk about the run and before we go upstairs i ask him to take a picture at his final destination…

This is Joe,


Graphic Designer by trade…sits in the office right next to mine, great guy, great friend.

He was talking about running 22 Miles… He stopped talking about it. He did it.

Start time: 3:50 am

Start time temp: 35 degrees

End Time: 7:50 am

Total running time: 4 hours

Cities crossed: Redondo Beach, Torrance, Harbor City, Carson, Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Los Alamitos, Cypress

Get this…this is all he ate:

Couple scoops of Oatmeal, a mashed banana out of his jersey pocket, and a cliff bar.

Joe’s a humble cat so i knew i was gonna be his “hype man” for this.

Joe deserves to be celebrated because of this, because he won’t brag or talk about this so I will!

He didn’t even post it on facebook before or after this run like most of us would! (I admit, I would have!)

He deserves the honor…

No medal. No trophy. No podium.

RESPECT is what he got. Atleast from me!

Lessons learned from this awesome adventure of Joes will definitely stick with me when i approach training, exercise and even things about life.

What i got from this is that you will never be fully prepared, never fully trained.

I’ts never too early or too cold.

You can’t be too tired.

It’s not too much, too far, or too extreme.

Bottom line… No excuses!!!

Thank you Joe, if no one else is inspired, let me tell you, I am!

If this doesn’t motivate you…Nothing will.